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Song of the Bride

A Yoruba Wedding Song, sung by the bride at the climax of the wedding ceremony, as she leaves her father’s house for her new husband’s, and setting out an ideal vision of her future life. See also Recitation of the Bride.

I loosen my head tie and bow down,
I shall be leaving now…

The Bride’s Arrival

Three Zulu songs, very commonly sung by members of the bridegroom’s family, welcoming the bride in teasing terms to her new home.

You have reached the place of weariness,
You have arrived and you will get weary!

The Bride’s Departure (Kamba)

A Kamba girls’ song from Kenya, danced at weddings when the bride is being escorted to her new home. The singer, little Kitanga, tells the bride Mulau and all her friends that it is time to stop grieving over Mulau’s departure.

The Bride’s Departure (Hausa)

A Hausa wedding song from northern Nigeria, sung by the bride’s girl friends as she leaves her father’s house in tears for her new husband’s compound.

From this year, you won’t go dancing,
From this year, you won’t go to the dance,

Nyagumbe Refuses

A Chopi song from southern Mozambique. It may be sung at weddings but has also a more general popularity. The argument of the song is that the bride must learn to acknowledge her love for Nyagumbe.

BRIDE: Nyagumbe!
Why do you refuse?

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