A praise-poem for Pamilerin, sent to us by Amore David Olamide.

If I should opt to smile in the night
I will not ignite for Eré Òsupá (1)
If in the town of Ode-omu (2)
I will not enthuse for bojúbojú. (3)

If I am to conform attentively
I will not kindle for tale in Oke-Iyin (4)
Not for the one of Oluronbi (5)
In the grief of her mythology.

If by your hips, I build a reign
My gaze will find a dwelling place
And i will give more to your loving face
Till you thrill me like àló àpagbè. (6)

If there is a poem inside of you
We wouldn’t need the quill on certain book
For through your eyes and we shall see
The exotic lyrics of poetry.

If I should adore your luscious smile
No poem will do to emphasize
Like how Imale ensconce for midday alms
In their kind of benevolent heart.

The leniency betwixt your words
Intrigues the aged men of this world
For when you spoke in Agege (7)
A tribute was ennobled for your day.

by Amore David Olamide


  1. Eré Òsupá: A moonlight play.
  2. Ode-omu: A village in Osun state.
  3. bojúbojú: Folk’s night play.
  4. Oke iyin: A town in Ekiti.
  5. Oluronbi: An ancestor, see Oluronbi
  6. àló àpagbè: Folktales, mythology.
  7. Agege A city in Lagos.

Amore David Olamide is a revolutionary columnist and a poet that writes in parabolic style, conventional genre — and sees scenes in epic dynamism of traditional epilogues, eulogies and captivating artistic poetry. He’s typically known as Ajanaku for the words he trades cannot be neglected by mortals, gods or incubus.