A self-praise, sent to us by Amore David Olamide.

If all odds should favour to define me
I’ll sing of letters in their colouring brass
I’ll sing of ponkele ponkele ponkele (1)
The throbbing sound of the omele.
If all hands should cling to applaud me
I’ll sing a song for my enthusiasm
Like Ajanaku gbangba Ajanaku ribiti (2)
The perplexing riddles in the hands of Lukosi. (3)
If all the maiden should mingle to define me
They should admeasure me with my eulogy
Like Akanbi the man with the toast of words
That has beguiled the hearts of Omidan. (4)
If entities should question my firing vibes
I’ll sing of the arts conveying my craft
Columnist by the day, poet by the night
I’ll sing of reggae and reel to Ayinla Omowura (5)
A philosopher by the day, lover by the dawn
A pure man with a Valentine’s heart.

by Amore David Olamide


  1. Ponkele Ponkele: Timbre of a wooden drum.
  2. Ajanaku: Elephant.
  3. Lukosi: A diviner
  4. Omidan: Maiden
  5. Ayinla Omowura: A Yoruba musician

Amore David Olamide is a revolutionary columnist and a poet that writes in parabolic style, conventional genre — and sees scenes in epic dynamism of traditional epilogues, eulogies and captivating artistic poetry. He’s typically known as Ajanaku for the words he trades cannot be neglected by mortals, gods or incubus.