I have added this new section, provisionally called Modern Poetry in the oral manner, in response to readers visiting the site who have sent me their own written poems inspired by the material they have been reading here.

Modern African poetry draws on a multitude of traditions, including European and American. Some of the best, however, works very closely with oral styles and imagery, perpetuating what may best be called an oral aesthetic.

I’ve began with two examples, a poem by Aremu Adams Adebisi on the theme of the legend that surrounds the 12th century Yoruba princess, Moremi Ajasoro, and a poem by Laju Ereyitomi Oyewoli, The Itsekiri Praise Poem, in the style of a traditional praise of one’s own clan. Further contributions are very welcome. Please bear in mind that the standard set by the oral poets featured on this site is extremely high.